The Waves

The skyscraper is a ubiquitous form in Hong Kong, physicalizing the drive toward efficiency. This proposal applies that same drive to the tower typology, reducing the tower to its two fundamental components, the core and the perimeter, the “skin and bones.”

The cruciform organization, the backbone of the tower, is clearly visible from the exterior. The curved glass skin is a deliberate contrast to the solid core and creates a delicate perimeter within each quadrant. The glass curves vary in scale not only to provide a flexible demarcation of space within, but also pockets for informal activities at street level. From afar, the repetition of floor plates, which follows the curvature of the glass, creates its own visual impact and the sense of changing levels of transparency. By intensifying the relationship between core and perimeter, the tower is expressed both as a pragmatic solution and an object of desire.


Location: Venice
Program: Installation for the 16th Venice Biennale
Year: 2018
Status: Built
Team: Evelyn Ting, Paul Tse