Bubbly Christmas

The beauty of nature is its ephemeral quality, its ceaselessly evolving state, the movement of water and wind, the changing of light and shadow - all these reveal the presence of life. For this year’s PMQ Christmas installation, Bubbly Christmas captures this ever-changing quality of nature with a radically different kind of tree, one that highlights the relationship between people and the fundamental elements of nature – air, light, water, and plants.

The installation is composed of thirteen trees, arranged in a triangular layout and gradually increasing in height from 1.1m to 3m toward the Aberdeen street entrance. The trees are constructed of air, light, water and moss, with each element taking the form of a bubble, a twist on the spherical decorations often seen on traditional Christmas trees. Each of these elements are indispensable in growing nature and display their own unique characteristics. The air bubble is the most malleable. Water bubbles take on different forms, sometimes in liquid state or evaporating mist. Light bubbles glow increasingly bright as night descends. The moss balls, aside from representing green nature, also reflects the participation of the local community. Workshops with primary school students and adults alike allowed the public to be part of the making of the installation.   

With the tallest trees closest to the entrance and the shortest tree towards the marketplace, visitors are greeted with a forced one-point perspective. You are invited to meander through this forest and experience the changing relationship with nature. 


Location: Hong Kong
Program: Installation
Year: 2021
Status: Completed
Team: Paul Tse, Evelyn Ting, Hwanseo Lee, Nickson Chan, Jason Chan, Ulrica Chan
Photography: Kris Provoost