Design Trust Studio

Our approach to Design Trust’s new studio is centred on flexibility, to create a space that can transform with the diverse activities the organisation supports. The space is designed to function as office, gallery, and event space for workshops and talks. A large floor to ceiling bookshelf serves as both showcase and storage, incorporating publication display shelf, bench seating and reception table. 

The material palette for the gallery space is very much inspired by the typical components one would find in Hong Kong’s hardware stores: raw and slender mild steel frames for the large multifunctional bookshelf cum display, exposed cables and hooks, industrial switches with transparent switch plates that reveal the cables inside, and plywood reception desk. In contrast to the larger fixed furniture, colourful Jacobsen chairs and Archigram tables add a sense of play.


Location: Hong Kong
Program: Gallery/Office
Year: 2022
Status: Built
Photography: Design Trust
Team: Paul Tse, Evelyn Ting, Jessica Lai, Ina Wu