Water Capsule Submarine

Water Capsule Submarine highlights the relationship between land and water. Located at the Central and Western District Promenade, this artwork takes the form of a single dew droplet that appears on the lawn. A submarine-like space carved into the water droplet frames and captures the city’s skyline, filters the surrounding landscape through a ripple texture and invites the audience to experience the city underwater. Constructed out of a double inflatable skin, visitors can see and be seen through the rippling water. 

Light plays an important role as well. During the day, the translucent double-layered curved envelope reflects and refracts the sun, casting the ripple texture onto the grass. At night, the water droplet becomes illuminated, a reminder of the precious value of water to the city.


Location: Hong Kong
Program: Installation
Year: 2022
Status: Built
Photography: Xu Liang Leon
Team: Paul Tse, Evelyn Ting, Tylor Chu, Hwanseo Lee, Anthony Tai, Jessica Lai