Brief Encounters

The way we engage with people will likely be completely altered after COVID-19. When designing for social interaction, the elimination of boundaries has always been the key intention; yet today we are increasingly surrounded by barriers. Rather than shutting down public spaces under social distancing protocols, what can we do so people can enjoy something as simple as sitting in a park next to a stranger?

Brief Encounters consists of two simple components: a steel frame and a transparent sheet. An accordion system is used to create partitions by moving frames around a central pivot point. Such a method allows flexibility in the spaces in between partitions, while also providing a compact solution for transportation and storage.

The use of coloured transparent film provides a sense of openness and transparency, even when people are enjoying individual pocket space. Each pocket space is physically separated. When transparent films of different colours overlap, a third colour is created which suggests interaction and connection between each space.


Location: Hong Kong
Program: Installation
Year: 2020
Status: Built
Team: Paul Tse, Evelyn Ting, Cheryl Trisnadi, Amy Lo, Anthony Tai
Photography: Kris Provoost