Hong Kong Design Centre 

A design centre is an important interface between the design community and the public. It helps organize design events throughout the city and serves as a platform to cultivate design thinking. The relocation of Hong Kong Design Centre to The Mills, a former industrial building, offers high ceilings and expansive floor space. Upon entering the space, the over 20-metre-long distance to the far wall, struck us immediately as a quality to be embraced.

Our design proposal advocates for the design centre to be both a collaborative workplace and a flexible space for pubic engagement. Open desks in close proximity to directors’ offices facilitates the day-to-day working office, while an open area adjacent to the entrance allows for showcases and presentations. And just like the role of the design centre, a central strip connects the two spaces - where design objects, publications and fashion wear is displayed, where colleagues interact with each other, and most importantly, where the design centre meets the public.


Location: Hong Kong
Program: Office
Year: 2019
Status: Built
Photography: Xu Liang Leon
Team: Robin Albrecht, Johanes Mikha Gunawan, Sharon Kwan, Ethan Law, Evelyn Ting, Paul Tse