Seafood Restaurant  

A new 430 sqm hotpot seafood restaurant in Manila, Philippines takes its cue from the ancient Chinese tradition of dining in the garden. Located in an existing building full of irregularities, the design uses a perforated wood screen to form a new spatial hierarchy within the existing space. The central dining area enclosed by the screen enjoys a double height ceiling, and together with a dark terrazzo floor and potted plants, gives the impression of being in an outdoor courtyard. On each side, the screen responds to the adjacent function - allowing privacy to the four VIP dining rooms behind, shielding the entrance to the kitchen, creating a balustrade for an elevated dining area - yielding only glimpses of the activity behind. Concrete, bronze and wood form an unexpected modern palette, illuminated by suspended globe lights. The dark concrete and terrazzo render the floor, wall and ceiling a continuous surface, like a cavern that is then embellished with bronze details.


Location: Manila, Philippines
Program: Restaurant Interior
Year: 2017
Status: Built
Team: Evelyn Ting, Paul Tse, Joyce Yiu