Forest in a Box 

Forest-In-A-Box provides an infinite forest within a wooden cube. From the exterior, it is a simple object, but hidden within the cube is an endless field of trees created by the mirrored surfaces on both ceiling and floor. The slight incline of the ground plane shifts visitors’ center of gravity as they step inside. Any distortion visitors might expect from the sloping ground is corrected by the ceiling being tilted at the same angle, thus preserving the continuous extension of trees. Two skylights puncture the mirrored ceiling, breaking the captivating view into an infinite forest and offering views to the sky. More than a temporary shelter, this proposal shows the paradoxical qualities of meditation, the ability to be highly concentrated and expansive at the same time.


Location: Toronto, Canada
Program: Temporary Pavilion
Year: 2013
Status: Competition
Team: Evelyn Ting, Steven Tsai, Paul Tse